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While we may use this site from time to time to host very large files for download, our day-to-day forum has been relocated. Please click here to join us.

Proposed 555 Middlefield Development

Our discussion on alludes to the plans for this proposed development (between Middlefield and Cypress Point Drive). You can download those plans here.

Letter to Safeway regarding complaints

Given the volume of postings complaining of long checkout lines and declining service, we sent a letter along with poll results to Safeway's CEO and Albertsons Board of Directors. You can read it here.

We received responses from corporate and regional management and our postings report substantial improvements. Thanks to all who posted. Your complaints were included in the letter and got results!

Update on Moffett/Castro/Central Expressway modifications

I've been asked to provide an update on progress with the effort we began back in 2013 to address the untenable traffic situation at Central Expressway and Moffett/Castro, particularly post-100 Moffett apartments construction. Here's a synopsis:

Following our presentation to the City Council, in spite of our support for keeping open the Stierlin Road onramp, they did decide to close it. However, two of our other requests were granted: 1) The concrete divider blocking vehicles from entering the left turn lane on southbound Moffett when traffic is backed up has been removed. 2) A new right turn lane for south-bound vehicles on Moffett to turn right onto Central Expressway has been constructed. (The street light at the corner will be removed before opening that turn lane.) These measures should provide some relief for now. The photo below illustrates.

Since then, the City has sponsored multiple outreach meetings at the Adobe Building to gather citizen feedback on four options for altering this intersection to preclude traffic delays and congestion caused by trains — including possible grade separation. This is my understanding of where we are:

The most favored option thus far ( also least expensive) would involve closing Castro just before the tracks, preserving continuity of Evelyn and channeling N-S thru-traffic over to Shoreline. A pedestrian walkway and bike underpass or bridge would be created under or over Central Expressway and the tracks from Moffett to Castro.

Timing of the latter project is unclear and may be affected by the Trump administration's possible revocation of federal funds previously earmarked to electrify Caltrans routes.



Plans submitted for 555 Middlefield development (between Middlefield and Cypress Point Drive)

4/2017 version

Hexagon report on Madera parking—Report cited by the City to justify parking requirements for 100 Moffett apartments project

9/18/13 version

11/04/13 version

Group report and proposal—Thanks for your suggestions and comments!

Staff recommendations for ramp closure and streets config—Released 6/14/13

Proposal to Eliminate Stierlin on-ramp

City's Model Parking EPC Staff Report

Stierlin Road on-ramp petition results

Plan representing most-frequent suggestions on forum

Videos taken as part of traffic survey

Note: For analysis, downloading (rather than viewing online) is recommended as this allows pausing and scrubbing forward and backward for more accurate counting. For full resolution (2.4 GB) of the Moffett/Central Expy video, contact George Markle,

intersection Moffett/Central Expy, 5/23/13 5:40 pm, 40 min (815 MB)

Time Lapse morning rush from Stierlin on-ramp, 5/16/13 (94 MB)

Time Lapse evening rush from Stierlin on-ramp, 5/16/13

(146 MB)


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